Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Day

Today, as a holiday, is one that I'm still getting used to. My first, official, Pioneer Day, was experienced my freshman year at the y of I...when all of Rexburg shut down. I understand the recognition of the day, in honor of the Pioneers, but people spend the day doing that? It seems to have become just another day off to do housework, or lay around. What is one supposed to do on Pioneer Day anyway?

As for us, we spent some of the day just hanging out as a family. Ava voluntarily took her nap--which is so cool--and Chris and I went to lunch, which made me pretty sick actually. YEAY FOR PREGGIE POP DROPS--which I am now ridiculously addicted to. We spent the evening at the Hooper House for a fab BBQ by mom and Dad. Joye was there. It was so great to see her. She goes at like 80 mph, and for being 79, puts everyone to shame. We had a nice swim, where Ava chose to repeatedly go under to learn to swim. She's so adventerous, but also cautious and made sure to only dip her face when mommy and daddy had her. She went down the water slide a few times and loved it!

We then popped in Nat's wedding video--and had peach icecream. YUM. Now, it's bed time. I have to take Sarah to the airport at like 8. UGH not that excited about that. Traffic is sure to be a mess.

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Bilary said...

Sounds like fun! I'm sorry lunch made you feel crummy. I just don't envy you right now at all. Those sweet babies are so worth it, but I just remember that icky feeling. Let me know if I can do anything to help you!

Oh, and for the record, I think the 24th of July is a bit silly. I love honoring the pioneers, but the whole holiday is kind of a letdown to me because the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. It seems that we try to celebrate it the same way we celebrate the 4th - only on a smaller scale, so it just isn't much fun to me. Look at me whine. :) I'll be quiet now! Glad you had fun yesterday besides the feeling icky!

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