Monday, July 21, 2008

Great News

So, I called my Dr. office this morning to get the results from the billion tubes of blood they took from me last Friday--they were hoping my levels would be at 2,000, but if not, they'd continue to bleed me every few days until they were. Well after 15 minutes on hold-holy cow by the way-I was told that my levels are at 31,000. Yeah that's great news!!! They scheduled my ultrasound for August 8th @ 9am. I'm SO excited. Almost 2 weeks and I'll be able to see my baby!!!


Becca said...

Holy hell!! Why did I not know about this? I am so freaking excited right now. Let me know about everything k? How far along are you about 5 or 6 weeks? anyway. love ya.

Cami Vogel said...

That is good news. We miss you guys too. Hope you guys are having fun. Thanks for all your help when we moved by the way. You guys are awesome.

Bilary said...

That's great. Hopefully all goes well. Our fingers are still crossed for you!!!

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