Friday, January 7, 2011

day 1

So, at 5:10am I found the alarm and somehow turned it off. I crept around the house, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and out the door by 5:15. Amazingly, as cold as it is at 5:15, I'm not sure it's that much warmer at any other part of the day. frigid is frigid. Mary came out and we headed to the aquatic center. about 15 minutes of our 'workout' time was eaten up by me getting a membership. I didn't realize so much paperwork was involved or I would have done it another time. But it's done and I officially have a reason to be there 4 days a week. They offer a rock solid toning class that I peeked in on a few times at 5:30 and I might join that. It looked just up my ally. you know me, the less time spent doing the cardio, the happier I am. We did about 20 minutes cardio and 15 in the weight room. That's right. We owned that weight room. Luckily, Mary has been there a few times and knew what to do with the machines, and helped me look less redic than usual. But I know that if I could do it today, after having no sleep the past 2 nights, then there's no reason I can't continue on from here. So, look out world. You're about to be owned.

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