Thursday, January 13, 2011

honey, i'm home.

I came home tonight to a fabulous dinner-compliments of Nana Joye-and an immaculate upstairs, compliments of Chris and Ava says she helped too. I can't even tell you. 4 hour marketing meeting-which was one of the best we've ever had in my opinion, but still long, and coming in from the freezing rain to happy kids, a hubby kiss and a clean house. I think most of what this impressed upon me, is how wonderful it must be for Chris on the nights he comes home that life isn't insane. That dinner is ready. The house is clean. The kids aren't whiny. It doesn't happen often, but I should make sure it does. It really is so nice. Chris worked from home today, so that I could attend my marketing meeting in Sandy.
We are thinking of going to St. George for the weekend, since we don't work Monday, but Ava isn't quite well yet, and I'm wondering is she sick, or is the air making her sick?!! No idea. Maybe I'm just being selfish, because I want the sun, and temps above freezing.
I need to be sure to get my butt out of bed tomorrow for the Rock Solid class at 5:30. I have been SO tired lately, but I'm guessing it has more to do with my grey sky induced depression, than anything. I know if I can get up and out that I'll feel better and empowered and -sore-when I get home. Those are all better than groggy and depressed and cabin fevered.
I'm so grateful for all that we have. We are so incredibly blessed. I forget that sometimes, but we truly are. We have 2 great kids. A wonderful supportive family. 2 jobs with benefits. A home that keeps us protected from the elements and extra cash to splurge now and then. I need to focus more on our haves and less on our have nots (tickets to the Bahamas etc)

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