Friday, January 21, 2011

I almost slept through my workout today. After the 3rd time the alarm went off, I got up to turn it off, thinking it was Chris's alarm-totally forgetting that I had set one of my own. I blinked...5:15, why is Chris getting up an hour early? OH CRAP. HE'S NOT, I AM.
I ran around like a crazy lady looking for socks, water, bottle, bra, etc and Mary and I got to the gym at 5:35. I walked into the Friday Rock Solid class to a new instructor-who was filling in-and only one other person. I had no warm up, as they start at 5:30 sharp. I went right into 8 pound free weight triceps workout. WOW. THAT SUCKED. ALOT. The trainer today, is usually the spin instructor, and has no mercy. It was 55 minutes of pain. shaking. light headedness. sweat. grunting. and all around great workout. I know it had to be great, because I'm exhausted and sore and used muscles I wasn't even aware existed.
On the one hand, I'm grateful she was a sub, on the other, I bet she'd be one heck of a personal trainer. I have yet to lose any weight. I think being home and overly stresesd with the home, work, kids wanting my 24 hour attention at the same time leads me to junk eating and stress isn't really conducive to weight loss.
Audrey came and baby sat the kids for about 90 minutes last night so that I could get out of the house. I went grocery shopping. I know, I'm wild. I got 90% veggies. Here's to healthier eating. Now, if it would please warm up so that i'm not running to the cocoa that would be grand.
Also, could someone please call Super nanny for me? Simon can't say my name without SCREAMING it and I really don't want to spend the next 10 years that way. REALLY!

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