Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Mary and I will start hitting the aquatic center at 5:15am three days a week. We must be nuts. Simon little guy--has had a weird virus. It hit Monday night, and he's had 3 days of high fevers, that break and then come right back with 102.8 temps. He's been miserable, and can't sleep. I was up with him from about 2am to 5am and then he was back up at 6 with Chris. I took him to Urgent care and was told it's just a virus that would need to run its course. Sad. At the very least, I am grateful for Ibuprofen, that keeps him from cooking inside out.
I made dinner with Angie Monday and Tuesday, and then last night, Chris and I ate 5 guys. so good. Yeah, I know, not so helpful toward my weight loss program. but, i love them anyway. tonight, I think we'll have chicken. or maybe I'll make my taco soup. mmmmmmm that does sound good. Ok I'm off to defrost turkey. Can someone get me a speed? Because there are 3.5 more hours to my 'work day' and another 3 after that until bed time for my kids. Will there be a bedtime for Simon? Oh please. please let there be a long, 12 hour night for us all. ok not me, because I am going to be getting up at 5:00am to work out, but for the kids. 8-8. and me. 9-5.

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