Friday, January 14, 2011

So i skipped the gym...again. I looked out my window at 5am. Snow. Ice. No plows yet. I decided that it was not happening. So, this afternoon I took the liberty of spending a good 45 minutes on snow and ice removal. We hate shoveling snow. Obviously. So, we had about an inch of ice on most of our driveway. It gave me a great sweaty workout. Now I need to clean out the car and get the oil changed. Oh yah baby, we be heading to St. George. W00t! so....enough blogging.

oh ps.

Thank you to my mother and sister. My sis had to get some lab work done up here, so they stopped by. KK played with Simon for 2 hours (now he's napping to recover) and my mom mopped my kitchen floor, did the dishes...vaccuumed, and played a few rounds of GO FISH! with Ava and me. It was a great morning. I was able to focus on work, and knew my kids were having a blast with their aunt and mimi.

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