Monday, January 3, 2011


10:36pm. I wonder if any chiropractors are open at this hour. It's unlikely. Last night, after the extremely unnecessarily long viewing of Eat Pray Love, my mind wouldn't shut up. I think it was revenge for my body making my mind endure the entirety of Eat Pray Love. I moved to the couch, which always, for no reason I can comprehend, helps my mind to quit racing and allow me to sleep. Now, my body aches.
I pushed through, however, and took the kids to 'school.' went to work. picked the kids up. spent the evening with Angie *yeay for bff time* and then headed to 3 different grocery stores, while Chris battled getting Ava to bed. I'm pretty sure his job was more exhausting than mine.
First, was Winegars, for the $ boneless, skinless chicken sale. Honestly, I hate their sale. Why? Because it's RAW. and THAWED. so I have to repack and freeze myself. I much prefer Reams sale, because they are already flash frozen, however it's been a YEAR since I've seen it advertised, so I jumped at the Winegars sale. Ok, not so much jumped, as just figured why not.
Next, it was off to WinCo. I love the sundried tomato turkey deli meat. It's ruined all other deli meats (aside from Pepperoni) for me. They were closing down and only had just over a pound left. So I took it. Grabbed an insane amount of 1.88 fruit snacks for the pantry reserve, and other...stuff I can't remember and on to Smiths.
Smiths--the genious of allowing me to load electronic coupons onto my card. You know what I wish, I wish the Register coupons also just loaded to my card, because those things are annoying. They roll everywhere, and I never remember to take them back with me, or that I have them in the first place. Let's move to making those instant savings loaded onto the card for next time eh Smiths?
Well, Chris is attempting sleep, Ava is talking to herself *how is she still awake?* and I'm trying to brace myself for tomorrow--8:00 am I have to have both kids dressed and ready for the day--oh dear heavens, please please help me.

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