Saturday, January 22, 2011

the habit is being formed

So when I heard Simon crying this morning, it wasn't so painful to be up and out of bed at 6am. Thankfully, he went back to sleep next to Chris once I changed him and gave him milk. This happens 1 out of every 100000000000 mornings. Rare. I then had the energy to be up. It was a little weird. I switched the laundry. And then my body was like...OK GYM TIME. I didn't go, because my gym clothes were very stinky and next in line for the washer. So I went downstairs to the air matress and forced myself to lie there a while. I hadn't gotten to bed until almost midnight, and, even though I got a KILLER nap yesterday, I knew I'd need a little extra down time to make it through this day. It's nice to know that I'm getting used to the early up and moving routine. It's definitely taken a while.
This morning, Chris and I made breakfast together. This also doesn't happen often, as he's usually getting ready to head out while I made the food. he was going to leave at 6am again today, but has decided to wait until 10. He hasn't seen the kids all week with his 6am to 12am study/work schedule. They are loving every moment. Me too. We made eggs with green peppers, mushrooms, sundried tomato turkey and cheese. SO SO GOOD. He even added redhot when they were out of the pan. He knows me so well. Eggs are the best way for me to start my day, but can get so boring. Adding the veggies made a HUGE difference.
Last night, the kids and I played together. I had taken a 2 hour nap, and they took about 2.5 hours. I was able to play in their world, with their energy level. It was amazing. The stories she comes up with and the whole world she imagines. Simon played along as the police officer. He'd pick up a baby and stroke it with a smile "bubee, buhbee" It was really sweet. We played for almost 2 hours down there. And we cleaned the toy room in the process. VICTORY! I hope to be able to have more moments like that. More naps for mom :)
Well, it's time to put away laundry and shower and take over so that Chris can get in his studying. We may even go on a date tonight. We're wild.

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