Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i want my mommy

the pain. oh my gosh the pain. my hamstrings are hating life today. And I'm unbelievably tired. Ava is home sick today. She seems to have gotten the fever virus that Chris and Simon had last week. She had a fever when I picked her up yesterday from school, and fell asleep about 5:30 last night. I put some Miralax in her chocolate milk this morning, because she's said her tummy hurts, and her teacher thinks she may be a little backed up. Hopefully that was a good idea. We'll know soon enough.
So my chicken enchiliada crockpot dinner made about 12 pounds of filling-if anyone wants some. it's super yummy. yesterday, we put it over chips and added cheese instead of tortillas.
Oh miralax is successful and she says her tummy feels better.w00t!
Ok well Simon is reillustrating Go Dog Go! So, time to log off the blog and back into motherhood.

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