Tuesday, January 4, 2011

dream a little dream of...

I'm having the most incredidbly vivid dreams lately of the most random people. Some I know in real life, some actors from various movies. It's hard to tell reality from subconscious fantasy at times. I find it interesting, however, that whenever my fanatsy sends me to be adoring to someone other than Chris, my dream self struggles with that truth and suddenly knows that it's not reality she's facing. Inception stuff man. w000000000

While in my grocery excursions last night, I left my set of keys at Smiths. I know. Awesome. That's what I get about being paranoid if chris's smiths tag was the same as mine. I drove his car, because it was warm, and mine was frigid. 14 degrees while I was out last night. 1-4. redic. uncalled for. bitterness. So, today Simon did not go to daycare, and I didn't have to juggle preschool, daycare, office, daycare, preschool, home. Maybe my subconscious did it on purpose? No way of every knowing I'm sure.

I'm looking for photography practice. So, if you don't mind having my camera in your face or in your kids face, let me know. I need to shoot at least 5 times a week, and edit 3-4 times a week to keep my brain going and my skills growing. I have a maternity shoot this week. I'm terrified. Like, really scared. This isn't really a shoot you can 'do over' if things don't turn out right--as the girls I'm photographing are in the last month of pregnancy. If I mess up, they could go into labor the next day, and no doc would stop them. And I would have missed the chance to capture this time of their life. Yeah. Pressure. CAN'T BREATHE.

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Mary said...

You are more then welcome to pratice on my kids.

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