Friday, January 28, 2011

tri what?

I don't think that I ever really have exercised my tricepts before. EVER. Want to know how i know this? Because they BURN and SHAKE and make me cry like a baby every time I do a set in my Rock Solid class. It's getting better. Today I could make it until the last one. I did my first set with 2 8 pound weights, because I had no idea that was what we were moving to. Yeah lady. Deb needs her 1 pound 5 for those, or you're going to have her in the fetal position by set 2.
Today, we had 3 people in our class. Friday is a really bare day at the gym. I don't get it. Friday is the easiest day for me to be up. Today's instructor had us go onto the track to do 30 minutes of lunges and squats. Yeah. 1/2 way through who comes walking around the track, but my next door neighbor and guy across the street. yeah, as we're squatting for 1/4 of the track with our faces to the wall and butts to the audience. So awkward. I was not excited about moving from the cool, well ventilated, very private aerobic room to the gym that is public, and smells like 13 year old boys. I did get a good sweat, and workout, but it was only a 2 minute stretch and cool down, and I don't think that's very wise. Other trainers do 50 minutes workout 5-10 minute cool down so that you stretch it all well. Whine whine whine. Ok Ava has woken time to get back to the mom thing.

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