Monday, January 10, 2011

day 2

Last night, I probably only slept 2-4 hours. I couldn't get into a deep sleep, and then Ava came in about 2am and kicked me until I got out of bed at 5.
I decided to try the Rock Solid class at the aquatic center this morning. OH MY GOSH. I am so so so so sore. I feel good too though. I will be sticking with this hour long weight/cardio class, and it will make me awesome. It's only taught Monday and Fridays. Wednesday will be my dreaded cardio day. Elliptical, bike that kills the knee and booty and 20 minutes in the weight room on the machines.
I went to Maverick to grab milk for the kids and picked up a Banana Muscle Milk, since I ran out of my premium protein shakes. man. It was gross. I had to plug my nose to guzzle it down. I knew I should have just whipped up egg whites. 25 g protein. 10 g carbs. To do: Get my butt to costco to buy more Premium protein shakes. They are way yummier and 30 g protein with 5 g carbs.
So, I figure I'll be rubbed down with icy/hot or ben gay or something tonight, because I'm so so sore, which means tomorrow will probably be awful, because the 2nd day is always worse.
For dinner, I threw chicken into the crockpot with enchilada sauce, Rotel tomatoes with chilis and cream of chicken soup. On low, until 5...should be good right? I'll top it with some cheese and mix in some black beans about 30 minutes before it's time to eat and mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm.
Lunch? I'm thinking Carb Smart yogurt 12 g protein 4 g carbs. The carrot cake is so so so good and really helps my sweet tooth feel satisfied. Carrots and ranch dip. chris left me some premium protein shakes to get me through today *love* and so I'll have one of those. 30 g protein 5 g carbs. and if I'm still hungry, a sun dried tomato and pepper-jack cheese sandwich. i save my carbs for bread!!!! mm bread!!! I don't count the carbs in veggies btw, because they have high fiber-which offsets them, and the vitamins and minerals I need. Should I vary from this plan, I am bound to write down what I ate. It will help hold me accountable. Seriously, for hurting this bad from a workout that awesome, I don't' want to fight against myself with my hand to mouth disorder. I want to be healthy again. I want to be able to zip my pants again!

So, when I went to drop off Ava this morning, Bravos! Easy Meal fridge was fully stocked with like 5 different dinner options. They make these AMAZING meals and sell them for $14 and they take 6 minutes in the microwave and are SOOOOOO DELICIOUS. They had a 4 cheese mac & cheese with ham. I was tempted truly. I could almost taste it in my mouth. I'm so glad I had started dinner before leaving today, and had lunch food here, so that I could walk away from it. Today is the only day I take Ava to Bravo! so I only have to resist it one more time. Oh man. I really really really wanted it. But it would totally undo the hour of hell I put my body through this morning. I won't. I will eat my chicken and avoid the pasta.

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